Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Vet Vendors. Manage Risks. Build Trust

Streamline vendor onboarding, automate risk assessments, and gain real-time insights to ensure you're working with reliable partners.Build trust with secure and transparent supply chain.

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Identifiy Third-Party Vulnerabilities.

Proactively identify and adddress security risks within vendor ecosystem.


Data Breaches Involve Third-Party Vendors

Secure your supply chain and minimize the attack surface.


Third-Party Risks Cost Businesses an Average of $5.7 Millions per Year.

Mitigate risks and protect your bottom-line with TPRM.


Manage Third-Party Risk - Build Trusting Partnerships.

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Streamline Vendor Onboarding

Simplify the process and ensure consistent, thorough evaluation of all potential partners.

Vendor Contract Management

Store and manage vendor contracts within the TPRM platform.

Digital Footprint Analysis

Gain deep insights into your vendor's digital footprint and quantify their Attack Surface Management (ASM) risk for informed decision making.

Pre-Built Risk Assessments

Leverage pre-built industry specific questionnaires to streamline vendor assessments for common business sectors

Automated Remediation Workflows

Streamline your security response with automated workflows that suggest or even execute remediation actions for identified vulnerabilities.

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Automated Risk Scoring

Gain a data-driven understanding of vendor risk with dynamic scores based on questionnaires and ASM analysis.

Compliance Gap Identification

Identify gaps in compliance and empower group management with centralized visibility into the security posture of all subsidiaries. Access detailed security reports, drill down into specific subsidiary data, and make informed decisions for enterprise-wide security strategy.

Unify & Secure Your Global Enterprise

Gain a single, consolidated view of your third party risk across all subsidiaries, empowering centralized security management and risk mitigation for your entire organization

Group-Level Security Oversight

Empower group management with centralized visibility into the third party risk of all subsidiaries. Access detailed security reports, drill down into specific subsidiary data, and make informed decisions for enterprise-wide security strategy.

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SecureNexus TPRM empowers organizations of all sizes to gain control over their third-party risk landscape. Our comprehensive solution streamlines vendor onboarding, automates risk assessments, and provides continuous monitoring of vendor security posture. This proactive approach allows you to identify and address potential risks before they can disrupt your business.

This comprehensive visibility ensures you don't have any blind spots in your IT infrastructure. From on-premises systems to cloud environments and connected devices, SecureNexus ASM tracks all assets. This empowers you to prioritize vulnerabilities and strengthen your overall security posture with confidence.

  • Simplify Vendor Onboarding
  • Proactive Risk Management
  • Enhanced Compliance Management
  • Improved Decision-Making
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can TPRM help me with vendor onboarding?

TPRM simplifies vendor onboarding with automated workflows, dynamic forms, standardized assessments, and centralized data management. This reduces manual effort, ensures consistent evaluation, and gets you up and running with new vendors faster.

How does TPRM leverage Attack Surface Management (ASM) for risk analysis?

TPRM integrates with ASM to analyze vendors' public assets, uncovering potential vulnerabilities beyond self-reported information. This enhances risk scoring and helps you proactively address threats before they can be exploited.

Can I customize risk scoring metrics within TPRM to align with my industry?

Absolutely! SecureNexus TPRM allows you to customize risk scoring by weighting risk factors based on your industry's priorities (e.g., data sensitivity) and setting custom risk tolerance thresholds. You can even leverage pre-built industry-specific templates for a head start.

Does SecureNexus offer any free trials or demos for TPRM?

Yes! We offer free trials of SecureNexus TPRM to let you explore the platform firsthand. Additionally, our team can provide personalized demos tailored to your specific third-party risk management needs. Contact us today to learn more!


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