Full Attack Surface Management (F-ASM)

See it. Secure it.

Gain comprehensive visibility into your entire attack surface with continuous monitoring. Unify your security posture and proactively conquer cyber threats.

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Take Control of Your Attack Surface.

Gain Complete Visibility, Secure Your Digital Landscape with Confidence.


Reduction in Alert Fatigue

ASM automates threat detection and prioritizes critical vulnerabilities, freeing your security team to focus on remediation efforts.


Faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

Gain real-time insights and streamline incident response, accelerating your ability to address security issues.


Gain Complete Visibility, Secure Your Digital Landscape with Confidence.

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Risk Quantification

Quantify the risks associated with applications, domains, servers, networks and more, to prioritize security efforts.

Exposed Data Detection

Identify exposed sensitive data on the public internet, including configuration errors, leaked credentials, and misconfigured services.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor the dark web for potential leaks of your sensitive data, exposed credentials, or brand mentions associated with cyber threats.

Advanced Asset Discovery

Uncover hidden assets and shadow IT with our advanced techniques, providing comprehensive visibility into your entire digital landscape and eliminating blind spots.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into your entire attack surface, including internal and external assets, for proactive threat detection and vulnerability remediation.

Continuous Security Testing (CST)

Go beyond automated tools with our CST program. Our team of experts works alongside ASM to provide unmatched security insights and proactive threat hunting.

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Unify & Secure Your Global Enterprise

Gain a single, consolidated view of your attack surface across all subsidiaries, empowering centralized security management and risk mitigation for your entire organization

Group-Level Security Oversight

Empower group management with centralized visibility into the security posture of all subsidiaries. Access detailed security reports, drill down into specific subsidiary data, and make informed decisions for enterprise-wide security strategy.

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SecureNexus Attack Surface Management (ASM) empowers businesses of all sizes to gain complete control over their digital landscape. Our advanced solution provides continuous monitoring and real-time threat detection, allowing you to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

This comprehensive visibility ensures you don't have any blind spots in your IT infrastructure. From on-premises systems to cloud environments and connected devices, SecureNexus ASM tracks all assets. This empowers you to prioritize vulnerabilities and strengthen your overall security posture with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of assets does ASM monitor?

ASM provides a complete view of your attack surface, including on-premise and internet facing assets, applications, networks and even connected devices. This holistic view helps identify vulnerabilities across your entire IT infrastructure.

Does ASM offer industry-specific reports or templates?

Yes! ASM offers insight reports which helps you with executive summary or detailed summary of your attack surface. You can also customize dashboards and reports to focus on your organization's specific security metrics.

How does the CST work alongside ASM?

ASM continuously monitors, while CST adds human expertise. Security analysts review ASM findings, prioritize risks, and perform deeper analysis (like manual pen testing) to provide actionable insights and remediation guidance. This combines automation with human expertise for a more comprehensive security posture.

Does ASM offer any free trials or demos?

We understand the importance of trying before you buy! SecureNexus ASM offers free trials to explore the platform and see how it benefits your organization. Additionally, our team is happy to provide personalized demos tailored to your specific security needs. Contact us today to learn more!


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